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Hi! I’m Japanese & music collector.
Recommended songs by theme!

All of these songs are dramatic and emotional !
You’ll find a new genre of the song in this blog.

I hope you find a song that touches your heart!

Hot Emotion Songs

Rhythmic & Groovy Songs

Sunny& Exhilarating Songs

Rapidly-Changing & Fast Songs

Crystal-Clear Songs

Irony & Spicy Songs
Gentle-Tone Songs

High Night-Contrast Songs

Unique World-Building Songs

Shuffle Songs With Catchy-Melody
Unlike the other themes, these songs have gradual melodic changes.
For when you want to taste a song.

Digression : Criteria for selecting songs

I handpicked pieces that have an appeal that no other song has.
 ▶These are not limited to any artist or genre.
 ▶These are songs with strong originality of their own.
 ▶These have an appeal that no other song can match.

Mainly Japanese music with vocals.

From popular songs to minor hidden gems of the past.
I’ll be adding songs that I’ve heard with my own ears and have been inspired by!

 Japanese Rock
 Anime Songs
 Vocaloid (Vocalo) songs
 Techno (EDM, Electronica)  etc.